List signature settingsΒΆ

Mailman-pgp stores a per-list signature handling configuration. Several actions and attributes are configurable. They are processed in order they are defined here, if one matches and the action set is not Action.defer it is taken on the message. Defaults are listed in the parentheses after the attribute name.

  • unsigned_msg_action(Action.reject), is taken if a message is not recognized as PGP signed (PGP/MIME and inline PGP is tried).
  • inline_pgp_action(Action.defer), is taken if the message is Inline PGP signed.
  • expired_sig_action(Action.reject), is taken if the message signature or key its made by is expired at the moment of verification.
  • revoked_sig_action(Action.reject), is taken if the key that signed the message was revoked.
  • invalid_sig_action(Action.reject), is taken if the message signature doesn’t verify or is otherwise invalid.
  • duplicate_sig_action(Action.reject), is taken if the message contains a signature by the senders key that was previously sent to the mailing list. Signature hashes are collected only if the [misc]collect_sig_hashes config option is set to yes.

Other options set how Mailman-pgp handles the signature:

  • strip_original_sig(False), whether to strip the original users signature (if any), from the posting.
  • sign_outgoing(False), whether outgoing postings should be signed by the list key.